School of the Month Philippine School Bahrain: A Foundation of Wisdom in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Competence, commitment, creativity, and compassion; these are the four core values Philippine School Bahrain instills in their students and teachers. Being the only Philippine School Overseas (PSO) in Bahrain, it envisions to be a leading educational institution excelling in developing students to become competent, creative, committed and compassionate individuals.

Before 1995, many Filipino children in Bahrain experience difficulties due to shortage of seats in affordable schools.  At the same time, those who succeeded in enrolling found themselves handicapped in subjects like Filipino, Social Studies and Philippine History when they returned home and joined the Philippine education mainstream.

Cognizant of these problems, the Philippine School (Bahrain) aims to provide quality education to Filipino children in the Kingdom of Bahrain based on the curriculum prescribed by the Philippine Department of Education to facilitate the smooth integration of home-bound children in the mainstream of Philippine education system.

Established in 1994 by the Philippine Embassy and 27 dedicated Filipinos, Philippine School Bahrain now caters to 1,145 Filipino students and houses 27 teachers of preschool, elementary and secondary education. Despite being in a different country, the school carries the identity and pride of the Filipino people in its host country.

For the past 20 years, the Philippine School Bahrain has been faithfully providing quality education to the Filipino children.  For 8 years, it has rented 7 villas at Kanoo Gardens in Manama.  In 2003, the new Philippine School Bahrain located in A’Ali, Kingdom of Bahrain was jointly inaugurated by His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa and Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.  The present location is 20-30 minutes away from the city center of Manama.

As a commitment to quality education, Philippine School Bahrain has embarked on obtaining accreditation from Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).  It has successfully passed the Consultancy Visit and the Preliminary Survey Visit from PAASCU.  Presently it is preparing for the Formal Survey visit on 02-03 December 2015.  Philippine School Bahrain will be the first Philippine School Overseas to obtain accreditation from PAASCU, the most prestigious and internationally recognized accrediting agency in the Philippines.

So what is the philosophy of education that influences Philippine School Bahrain and its teachers? They have five:

  1. We believe in excellence through wisdom;
  2. We believe that education plays a major role in the formation of man in order to achieve a quality life and a humane society.
  3. We believe that education is a dynamic process by which one seeks and enjoys the fullness of life with his/her fellowmen;
  4. We believe that education develops one’s talents in order to become a mature, responsible and effective member of the society; and
  5. We believe that education is a partnership between the home and the school.

This article is the first School of the Month segment in the Philippine Schools Overseas (PSO) website and Facebook. For the whole month of October, Philippine School Bahrain will be the highlight of the website and Facebook page of the PSO.

The said segment will provide an opportunity for each PSO to actively promote their school, its activities and achievements to the public. It comes with a Student of the Month and Teacher of the Month from the same school as well.