Message to Fellow PSO Students: Wrenz Luwi M. Ouano Philippine School Bahrain High School Student of the Month

“Before anything else, I would like to express my utmost thanks first to God, for with Him all things are possible, to my parents who are always there in every endeavor I participate in, to my teachers who have created a big impact in my life and are the main factors through which these achievements are made possible.

When I entered a new school during the last lap of my elementary years, I felt confused, alone and helpless.  Reluctantly accepting to move from my old school, I found it hard to adapt to a new way of teaching.  I started in Grade 6, merely nine years old, and honestly I wasn’t prepared for the adventure that life set before me at Philippine School (Bahrain).

But, as they say, everything takes time. Even if I faced the inevitable obstacles of middle school – like bullies – I was taught to persevere and that there were things more important than these.  During my graduation, I received the Academic Distinction Award (and a shiny gold medal, too), and though it ended my elementary years, it was just the beginning of change, uncertainty and new experiences.

The next years held much more in store for me.  I became more out-going, joining lots of extra-curricular activities such as spelling bees, speech competitions and drawing contests.  Although it did not happen suddenly; it was not a big leap forward, but tiny steps taken so as not to lose balance.  Adventurers don’t need to hurry; they enjoy every footstep they take.  After a few more years of meeting new teachers, socializing with more people, now, at fourteen years old, a Grade 10 student and a seasoned adventurer, I can proudly say that I have been changed by every single experience I have at PSB.

Maybe it was my teachers, classmates, circle of friends. I don’t know.  But to my fellow students, who may be experiencing the same things I did, who may be challenged by the same problems I faced, who may find difficulty to adapt to new environment, all I can say is, don’t worry.  There are a lot of beautiful experiences in store for you. Although I can’t assure that all of them are rainbows, smiles and glitters, I can guarantee that you will treasure every moment of school days because whether you know it or not, they’re going to shape you and make you into a better person.  Living in a country away from our hometown is difficult, but we’re given a quest that not many will undergo.  Make the most of it, and keep going, fellow adventurers!”

Wrenz Luwi M. Ouano is Philippine Schools Overseas High School Student of the Month. You can read more about her here.